Lisa Loucks Christenson Publishing, LLC Updates

Thanks for all the nice feedback! We've been getting some great submissions too. Would you drop us a line, let our team know what kind of books you want for Christmas? What you'd like to see next year?

Our Secular Imprints:

Badger Books (Fiction, non-fiction, children's books) Autobiography, memoirs, mystery, sports, crime, true crime, police procedural, Wisconsin history, most genres.

Cross Creek Books™ (Agent)

Cybereditions™ (Non-Fiction) Academic, biography, literary, sociology, psychology, more.

Jennifer Hampton Books: (Fiction) Romance,Paranormal, angels, fantasy, dystopian (closed to outside submissions)

Waubesa Press: (Fiction, non-fiction) cozy mysteries, western, history, crime

White Wolf Creek™ (closed to outside submissions)


Our Christian Imprints are:

Bow Wow Detectives® (Lisa Loucks Christenson)

Meow Meow Detectives™ (Lisa Loucks Christenson)

Snowy Creek Romance™ (Fiction) (Agent only) Romance, most genres (no erotica)

Snowy River Books™ (Lisa Loucks Christenson)





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