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I hope you're enjoying your summer! Just a quick note that I've pulled a lot of my work down to do some If a book isn't available it is because it is still in progress or edits. I'll be releasing books again this fall and winter. The majority of my documentaries and wildlife reports are books/reports I add to as my research grows while i am studying in the field, making my observations and taking notes. My upcoming books and ongoing projects are listed so you know what I've completed or I'm still working on. I hope to set up a new exhibit from a documentary this fall at my studio/gallery, but I may have to wait until next year due to a hectic fall writing schedule. I've made the decision to keep several of my series exclusive to my own sites. I've built a great network and fan base so it seems odd to me that I take up so much of my writing time adding catalog information for books, and work that may not ever sell, or worse, the company goes out of business. When I started my photography business I did what I knew best: I sold and promoted my work. I find no shame in selling my own books. Why would I? It's an extension of my art and who I am. You either like my work or you don't. 

I've spent the summer working on writing and illustrating a new middle grade fiction series (more info later), finishing up a couple children's books for fall, and preparing my fall/winter Bow Wow Detectives® stories. New this winter: I'll be releasing my 8H series, a YA Christian Dystopian series. Not many people know I've been working on a dystopian Minnesota Western, DONNIE DESTIN™, a futuristic cowboy who in my covering an outdoor beat in the SE Minnesota blufflands, (literally), Donnie, walked off shores of the Mississippi River and into my thoughts, giving me the inspiration to write a series with a dystopian cowboy. I'll be the first to admit it took me a while to come up with the right partner to saddled him up with, a character with a name I liked so much I thought of taking on my a new pen name, his.  Sorry, I don't want to spoil the opening, so you'll have to wait for the first book, but I promise, you'll meet him on page two! Donnie is the star and he deserves the opening, him and his long lost love who he still pines for.

I'll always be grateful to my little sister, Heather, for supporting my first western series idea during my first, Camp NaNoWriMo a coupl years ago. I love you Heather! In fact, she holds holds the very first signed cover I illustrated for my DONNIE DESTIN IN WORM MOON. When I first started the series I really believed this series would be set in the old wild west, but time, like a portal to another world, changed Donnie and in doing so gave me my story. Hope you'll come check it out! Sign up on my mailing list, or just check back. I appreciate you and your support! Lisa


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