Lisa's 24/7 call center takes all the incoming calls for her businesses. Please call Lisa Loucks Christensen Companies to place your order: 866-562-5125.

Established in 1987, Lisa Loucks Christenson eCompass, is a female-owned emergency call center based out of Rochester, Minnesota, serving worldwide clients, 24/7. 

A typical day includes answering emergency and non-emergency calls from: agents, animal agencies; apartment and leasing management companies, authors; attorneys; accidents & claims; law enforcement agencies; fire departments; government agencies; police; publishers; customer appointments, rescheduling, cancellations, dispatching, paging, RSVPs, home or business emergencies, pet emergencies, call verification, next day messaging, and more.

 We accept clients by referral only.

                                                             (507) 280-0787

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