3/5/2017: New trailer for Lisa's Bow Wow Detectives® Series. This includes: Shadow in Help Wanted, Case File 7. Story Preview Edition will release on Amazon on 6/3/2017.

 Trailer by Lisa Loucks Christenson


Scenes, images from the past 12 years of Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary, filmed over a 12 mile stretch of land in the back sloughs, rivers of the Whitewater Valley by National Award-winning Author and Photographer Lisa Loucks Christenson. Animal behavior, eagles, a community of wildlife as witnessed by Lisa through the seasons, blizzards, flash floods, tornadoes, and endless days filled with Minnesota sunshine. ©2005-2017

Song (licensed): Radiant God by Hannah Ford




2/8/17: Happy Birthday to our sister company, eCompass! 32 years.

2/7/17: New trailer posted for Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary


2/1/17: The Bow Wow Detectives® has a new logo. So let us know your thoughts! Remember, too, you can purchase any of our authors books here or at the store for the imprint they are published under. Just use the search feature to find the book or author. If notice any errors, please let us know. 

1/17/2017: After almost four weeks of data entry, the job of moving every book previously listed on the LLCP site, (which was growing too large with a mix of unrelated and very different genres and age groups), and into their own stores is now completed. We will still be making changes as we cull through authors and their contracts we acquired and make decisions what books to keep or revert back to their authors. We will adjust the Websites as those changes happen. 

The newly designed Lisa Loucks Christenson Publishing, LLC site features, primarily, the various collections of fiction and non-fiction work Lisa has created under imprints exclusive to her work.


1/5/2017: LLCP editorial offices, photo studio (did you know we shoot 99% of our own covers? We have our a list of models, products, sets, and create covers and for other publishers), and eCompass our fulfillment has expanded to suite 224a and 224b at our 1500 1st AVE, NE, Rochester, MN 55906.

1/4/2017: We are updating our new information for 2017. Lisa Loucks Christenson Publishing, LLC Website is under development, it includes the lifetime work of Lisa Loucks Christenson, her various works for sale. LLCP also sells books by authors she interviews on her radio show, outside authors books or publishers books who are clients, and authors of the imprints she owns. 

1/1/2017: Lisa began Year 13 of Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary, this years book is, Year 13, Dancer and Daedee: Ties that Bind.











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