Lisa Loucks Christenson's Private Library


Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary Trailer by Lisa Loucks Christenson

Song: Radiant God  by Hannah Ford

Scenes, images from the past 12 years of Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary, filmed over a 12 mile stretch of land in the back sloughs, rivers of the Whitewater Valley by National Award-winning Author and Photographer Lisa Loucks Christenson. Animal behavior, eagles, a community of wildlife as witnessed by Lisa through the seasons, blizzards, flash floods, tornadoes, and endless days of Minnesota sunshine. ©2005-2017 Licensed Song: Radiant God by Hannah Ford

Lisa Loucks Christenson's Private Library includes Lisa's private collection of her books, journals, unpublished manuscripts, glass negatives, tear sheets, photo slides, photos, her research materials and journals, footage from her wildlife documentaries.

Lisa's private library is not open to the public. Select information, photos, art files may be requested from Lisa for use in your publications, journals, or for researchers by sending a detailed request outlaying the intended usage, scope, distribution, language, and time frame for usage. All of Lisa's work is Rights-Managed and used under strict licensing agreements.

Special Collections:

Exhibits: Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary as featured on Ron Schara's Minnesota Bound, the National Eagle Center, KTTC Television News, Eau Claire WBEAU Channel 13, Post-Bulletin, ABC KAAL Channel 6, more.

Subjects: Bald eagle footage: nesting, rearing eaglets, feedings, training eaglets to fish, mating, more. Lisa is currently on her 13th year of her bald eagle documentary.

Blue Eyes

Eagles of Whitewater

Hapless Harry: The Minnesota Muscovy Duck Documentary

Winter Bugs: Exhibit, book, e-book, 10 Year Anniversary Edition

Giant Canada Geese of Whitewater

Cougar Den: Lion's in the Blufflands (Lisa's cougar documentary. Cougar family, tracks, video. Don't believe everything you hear about there never being a documented case of cougars rearing young in Minnesota. Time in field will equal results consistent with the animals and their young. 

Black Bear of Whitewater

Wolves of Whitewater

Paper Wasp Documentary

Walk the Burn

Lisa has several documentaries she is working on, a little each visit, but due to the ongoing harassment, destruction of her projects from outsiders, personal threats, vehicle tampering, thefts of her equipment, sticking bullet shells around her project stops, more she doesn't list all her projects.

To those who attempted to destroy my Walk the Burn Documentary... please know God is greater and even with your destruction, threats, the book will bear fruit.





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