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128 Oak-Sutton Borough | eBook

Snowy River Press

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128 Oak-Sutton Borough


by L. L. Christenson

A Time Travel Mystery

Every time traveler knows that any hitch, even a one second delay, can land you in unexpected places and with people who could never understand you . . . except him, the gentleman who'd been pursuing her for centuries. 

Bertha Hollinger returned to her childhood home located at 128 Oak-Sutton Borough, at the precise time she'd promised and at first glance, everything looks as it should until Bertha peers out the window and finds, to her horror the town resembles an entirely different era. Trapped in time, Bertha realizes her only chance of finding her hidden diary –– the one holding the key codes of her future success and travels, is by accepting, the one thing she abhors . . .  the gentleman's invitation. 

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