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Any Damn Fool Can Be A Farmer

Badger Books imprint of Lisa Loucks Christenson Publishing, LLC

$ 12.95 
ebook:  paperback

Author: Bob Knopes

What was it like to live, work and play on a small dairy farm during the great depression? Here's a first hand account from a farm boy who would later travel the world, but never forgot his childhood years on the family farm in Janesville, Wisconsin. Relive the daily challenges and joys of farm life; technological advances like milking machines, threshers, and indoor plumbing changed the way families lived. From barn burning fires to blinding blizzards, from Model Ts to pickup trucks, from large family gatherings to quiet nights around the radio, this is an intimate look at life on the farm.

Title: Any Damn Fool Can Be A Farmer
Publication Date: 6/1/2005
On Sale Date: 12/29/2007
Language: English

Paperback: ISBN/SKU: 1932542353

ISBN Complete: 978-1-932542-35-6

E-Book: ISBN:

Book Type: B&W 6 x 9 in or 229 x 152 mm Perfect Bound on White w/Gloss Lam

Page Count: 196

Spine Width: 0.4157000000

Weight: 0.597

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