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Blue Brick, Red Brick: A Shadow in the Law of Reflection (EARN THE BADGE Book 1) STORY PREVIEW EDITION

Snowy River Press

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Book One, EARN THE BADGE series.

By Lisa Loucks Christenson

This Story Preview Edition is the first two chapters. A preview of the full story, it is NOT the full story. 

God's timing is always perfect: Jonas Grayweather is about to
get a promotion, one that will change his life, those living
around him; even the presumed dead––forever.

No matter how determined Jonas's new boss, Cat Sellers works
to eliminate any Christians working in positions in the world
famous, Med-City, Rochester, Minnesota Police Department, she
can't seem to rock Jonas from his Chief of Police position.
When all her attempts to force Jonas out of office lands her
on the night shift, she meets Lucas Hermandez, an officer as
untrustworthy as her latest husband. Cat soon discovers her
"little indiscretion" may have delivered her on a temporary
change of shifts, but Cat intends to use her night prowling
skills in a way no one expected.

When Jonas's spirit-filled vacation comes to a end, early, he
returns to the police station filled with reporters for a
press conference––one that he's the topic of. If that weren't
enough, he notices something the Cat dragged in: Stelly
Seveirs, the raunchiest reporter in town, and an ex-member of
his church. Stella used to love Jesus, but when she
gave up carrying her cross, she ran for a microphone.

Cat may believe she has the city by the tail, but as Cat's
about to find out she isn't the only one with "time-sensitive"
information to share during the ten o'clock news.

Can Jonas do the impossible, with the help of a little angelic
intervention? There may be a season for everything, but from
Jonas's perspective, if anyone needs a Christmas miracle, right
now, it's Cat. With all camera's pointed on him, will Jonas
cast away one god, to serve his true master, deliver His
message, plant a small seed of hope, in an untouched, but still
open heart? Can Jonas convince Cat to trust Jesus before
selling out her soul––to the lofty, handsome Lucas, the rogue
devil-in-disguise Rochester cop––who is only using her to
position himself into Jonas's job?

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