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Prophets on the Right: Profiles of Conservative Critics of American Globalism | Paperback


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Prophets on the Right: Profiles of Conservative Critics of American Globalism

Ronald Radosh


First published in 1975, Prophets on the Right examines the views of five “isolationist” or “conservative” critics of American foreign policy from the 1930s through the beginning of the Cold War – Charles A. Beard, Oswald Garrison Villard, Robert A. Taft, John T. Flynn, and Lawrence Dennis. Coming from very different backgrounds, these men were united in their opposition to the idea (or ideology) that America’s domestic prosperity and well-being depend upon foreign expansion. Radosh describes, in a lively and scholarly manner, how their views were affected by American involvement in World War II and by the Cold War.

As Radosh explains in the new introduction for this edition, when he wrote Prophets on the Right he was an ardent supporter of the Left, and hence sympathetic to the “anti-imperialism” of these “right-wing” thinkers. But now, Radosh says, he is “proudly a supporter of American interventionism,” accepting the view that the United States “has a positive role to play in the spread of democracy and the creation of democratic regimes around the world.”

Although he rejects the arguments of his five “prophets,” Radosh believes they raised serious questions about American foreign policy, which must be answered by anyone who, like his present self, thinks they were wrong.

Comments on the First Edition

In this fascinating account of the right-wing critics of globalism, Radosh has brought new insights to the continuing debate over America’s role as an imperial power. - Ronald Steel

Prophets on the Right is an eye-opening book. By re-examining the generally ignored works of conservative critics of American globalism, Ronald Radosh has made a valuable contribution to the historiography of the Cold War. - David Horowitz

 The Author

Currently an Adjunct Fellow at the Hudson Institute, Ronald Radosh was a member of the Graduate Faculty at the City University of New York from 1963 to 1992. His most recent book is Commies: A Journey Through the Old Left, and the Leftover Left.

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